Carmel Business, Carmel Group’s business division, provides comprehensive, customized solutions for work environments and is a one-stop shop for Israel’s business sector: hotels, guesthouses, offices, residential towers, hospitals, restaurants, bars, theaters, cinemas, and more. The business division’s wide variety of activities makes the most current design trends and innovative products available to its customers. The division employs the top experts in the field, who provide just the right solutions for each project.

Office Furniture

The work environment has an impact on employees' wellbeing. The furniture division believes that ergonomics, customization and design go hand-in-hand and enable employees to be inspired by their surroundings.
The division specializes in providing solutions for work stations, ergonomic chairs, executive offices, meeting rooms, reception and waiting areas and supplementary equipment. It is the exclusive representative of international companies such as Sinetica, Tacchini, Nowy Styl Group, Knoll, and others.


Floor and wall coverings

This division integrates a wide variety of floor- and wall-covering solutions for various types of spaces: institutional, public, commercial, and office. The division specializes in providing design, production, supply, installation and service for diverse and complex projects. It is the exclusive representative of leading international companies such as IVC, EGE, Mohawk, and others.


Furniture and Accessories Boutique hotels

Carmel Business has many years of experience with the hotel industry. We work with select hotels in Israel, suiting the hotel's atmosphere and design to new trends and changing space conceptions: bedrooms, lobbies, dining rooms and seating areas.


Porcelain - MARAZZI IL

The leading Italian brand, Marazzi, provides comprehensive porcelain solutions in Israel, and specializes in producing porcelain tiles for flooring and wall coverings for various projects, dry-hanging building cladding, floating floors and advanced indoor/outdoor flooring solutions.


Israel interna

Interna Israel is the exclusive importer and marketer of the leading brands for floor-to-ceiling partitions, exterior and interior doors, and professional wall and ceiling coverings made in Italy. The company specializes in providing design, acoustic, and space-division solutions for large projects, in collaboration with leading architects.


Professional sports coverings

The sports division brings the world's leading professional sports surface companies to Israel. We provide many solutions, including surfaces for exercise and dance rooms, surfaces for running tracks, basketball courts, and synthetic grass surfaces for football fields.